Meet Eileen Kramer


Eileen Kramer, Instructional Design Librarian

My name is Eileen Kramer and I pronounce my name “I lean.” That is the way I begin library instruction classes at GPC. The reason is that once a student was brave enough to ask how to pronounce my first name, and it is hard to pronounce.

In 2006, the  Clarkston campus library needed a reference librarian who could do web design, and unflinchingly handle the software in a busy information commons.   I am a self-taught web mistress and technophile, so switching to Instructional Design was a logical career move. I also have a  BA in Biology and Society from Cornell and a Master’s degree in Library Science from Syracuse University. I  have worked as a science librarian for most of my career, and currently order the science books for the Clarkston library’s collection.

On the job, I answer questions on the reference desk. I am the go-to person for Microsoft Office 2010/2007, and I am the Clarkston library’s webmistress.  In addition, I have taught myself a smattering of Flash Action Script and PHP. These programming languages have helped me build tutorials such as Know More, and I would like to improve my grasp of both of them.

One of my favorite activities is teaching students about PowerPoint. Though the word “PowerPoint” conjures up images of boring sales talks and dull lectures, I find that if one builds from the ground up and uses a light touch, PowerPoint can make agile and interesting presentations.  Of course, I am also happy to help students include bells and whistles.   I created the PowerPoint Help Page on a RSCH 1203 Research Guide and a tutorial about putting a YouTube video in a PowerPoint. 

A vital question that students often ask is how to get the GALILEO password for home searching. If students go to iCollege, they can find a password-free link to GALILEO in the lower right corner of the screen. If they want to see the actual password, they can hover a mouse over the link and look at the bottom of their web browser window.

My favorite GPC resource is our access to the Web. In the past few years, much quality content has migrated to the Web. Though most scholarly journals and magazines remain locked down due to copyright, current issues of many credible publications are freely available. My favorite among these is The Atlantic. I also like searching Google News for newspaper articles. To read more about making the most of new and high quality media, read Making the Most of Web 2.0.

Outside of work, I take care of two cats, Hertzel and Lysistrata, and a red-eared slider turtle named Joie. I also work for the Community Virtual Library in Second Life, a three dimensional animated, virtual world. In my second life, I maintain the organization’s Spreadsheet of Libraries, Museums, and Educational Sites.

Whether at work or off the job, I believe that new technologies are the toolbox we need to help find, organize, and use information to communicate. My job as Instructional Design Librarian is to help students make that technology a beneficial part of their education and their lives.

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